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The Great Living Estate fleshed out to an ambitious Property Finder who, combining his skills and knowledge, gave born to an original real estate activity, way beyond the classic agency.


Our brand is not limited to buy and sell luxury houses,

but we undertake to offer to our clients an experiential journey, which ends with the delivery of the properties, exclusevely through the turnkey formula.

Attention to detail is at the heart of our missiontogether with the absolute quality of the

 services we offer

Our structures take part to our business only after a careful selectionin which even the

 smallest detail is decisive.


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Our luxury properties are villas, historic houses, penthouses and apartments in exclusive llocations. Our core business is focused in the heart of Engadinein the bright 

StMoritz, but we also deal with prestigious properties in Italy, mainly in Milan.


The house contract formula ensures an high level of attention for each phase of the site

 indiependently from the customerwho just have to enjoy the final result without any worries.

We are aware of the hectic and busy lives of our clients.

For this reason the only thing we ask them is to dedicate us a small piece  of their time, so that we can focus on their desires, ideas and dreams in order to fully satisfy them.

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In addition to selling real estate we also offer a short- and long-term rental service of exclusive properties.


We are driven to make the costumer’s wishes and needs our own, satisfying even those at a more psychological and emotional level, and thus realizing the perfect match between sellers and buyers.


Our method is based on absolute discretion, aimed at ensuring privacy to the parties, and rigorous protection of the properties entrusted to us.


Dealing with exclusive rentals and sales, each customer will become part of an elite network, which, above all, allows us to guarantee excellent and impeccable services to the latter.



"Sport and its principles taught me how to respect myself and the  others. They made me a better person and I have to say hockey has introduced me to a lot of people that helped me in setting up my job.


I treat few properties at a time because I want to devote an extreme level of attention to my

customers-investors, with whom I live an experiential jourey, establishing a bond of trust.


My intention is to give a 360° service, solving any kind of problem that could arise during the negotiation.


Therefore, we do not offer exclusive properties, but also first-class and tailor-made services from the best professionals in their field.


Loyalty and trust are my means of action here and in the field".





Manuel Tenca

CEO at The Great Living Estate

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Felice Massa



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